Our Drone Saga

For months, Bird has been terrified of drones. If we see one, she talks about it for days. If she thinks she hears one, she stops in her tracks. So, clearly, we have kept ours tucked far away lest she sees the case and gets scared. However, over the past week or so, she’s beenContinue reading “Our Drone Saga”

Last Minute Change of Plans, Olympia, Washington

The most important lesson we have learned over the past year is to be flexible. We cannot anticipate everything (typically the weather), and so we just have to roll with it when our plans are upended. The night before we were set to leave Leavenworth, we did our typical night-before strategizing. Since we had reservationsContinue reading “Last Minute Change of Plans, Olympia, Washington”

Celebrating 1 Year on the Road

What does a year of fulltime RVing look like? 45,297 miles driven 39 states 235 miles hiked 78 campsites 303 fish caught 9 National Parks 35 State Parks A year of so many firsts. And we cannot wait to see where the road takes us in year 2!

Sewing in a Camper

Living in a small space certainly has limitations, but when we were deciding on what to bring and what to leave behind, there was never a question that my sewing machine would be coming with us. My sewing machine, my iron and miniature ironing board, my cutting board, and my box of notions. The essentials.Continue reading “Sewing in a Camper”

Our Faith Adventure in Matagorda, Texas

Have you ever watched dolphins swim from your dining room window? Little Bird and I received the amazing gift of watching a pod of dolphins travel down the Colorado River during our stay at Matagorda Nature Park

Gaining Strength and Body Confidence Through a 30-Day Yoga Challenge

In late December, a coworker mentioned that she was going to do the Yoga with Adriene 30-day Challenge in January, and she was wondering if anyone wanted to join her and hold each other accountable. If I know anything about my motivation to work out, I know that I 100% need external accountability. Even thoughContinue reading “Gaining Strength and Body Confidence Through a 30-Day Yoga Challenge”