A Winery and a Rice Farm: Back-to-Back Harvest Hosts Stays, Oregon & California

Spending so much time in the Pacific Northwest and then making our way down into California has really opened my eyes to the path our food takes from field to table. Subconsciously, I hope that is something that we all acknowledge, but as we picked pears in the orchard outside our door at the wineryContinue reading “A Winery and a Rice Farm: Back-to-Back Harvest Hosts Stays, Oregon & California”

Wine Tasting at Emerson Vineyards, Oregon

Typically, when we arrive at a Harvest Hosts, either Will or I will go into the storefront to complete the requested minimum $20 purchase to support our stay. But Bird had napped for most of the drive to Emerson Vineyards and the tasting room was huge and not very busy, so we decided to letContinue reading “Wine Tasting at Emerson Vineyards, Oregon”

Sunday Hikes to Heceta Lighthouse and Hobbit Beach, Oregon

The word that comes to mind when thinking about the Oregon coast is character. There are so many capes and lighthouses and beautiful rocks jutting up from the ocean floor. It is unlike anything I have ever seen, and while we were ready to move on to new adventures, I truly cherished the couple ofContinue reading “Sunday Hikes to Heceta Lighthouse and Hobbit Beach, Oregon”

Two Evenings at Seal Rock, Oregon

I had major doubts that we would see seals at Seal Rock. I figured it was like so many other things where there used to be seals or someone saw 2 seals there once and the name just stuck. But I was mistaken. We ended up heading the 5 minutes up the road from ourContinue reading “Two Evenings at Seal Rock, Oregon”

Experiencing a Cape Lookout Sunset, Oregon

Our Hipcamp stay was a few miles from the Three Capes Scenic Byway on the Oregon coast, and we took full advantage of our proximity to the beach. The first night of our stay, we scoped out the area and caught a bit of the sunset from an overlook, but the next night we wereContinue reading “Experiencing a Cape Lookout Sunset, Oregon”

Our First Hipcamp Stay, Cloverdale, Oregon

It is no joke that campsite reservations were hard to come by this summer, and the Labor Day weekend gave us a run for our money, literally and figuratively. We started looking for a place to stay a couple of months in advance and continually struck out. When we could find a place, it wasContinue reading “Our First Hipcamp Stay, Cloverdale, Oregon”

That Time at the Goat Farm When Bird Met Kittens, Skamokawa, Washington

When finding a Harvest Hosts location, we know we cannot go wrong when there are animals involved. And the Skamokawa Farm and Creamery had ALL the animals. As we pulled up to the address we were given, we had doubts that this was where we were supposed to go. It was not until we wereContinue reading “That Time at the Goat Farm When Bird Met Kittens, Skamokawa, Washington”

Enjoying the Quiet of the Quinault Temperate Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington

Growing up in school, we always learned about tropical rainforests, so I felt utterly unprepared going into my first temperate rainforest in Olympic National Park. Once we got there, I felt a little let down by our education system for leaving this incredible ecosystem out and by our language for using only “rainforest” with qualifiersContinue reading “Enjoying the Quiet of the Quinault Temperate Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington”

Our Walking Tour of Seattle, Washington

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Seattle, so even though we were an hour and a half drive and then a ferry ride away, Will promised me (with reluctance) we would get there. We made our trip on a Saturday morning knowing that it was going to be busy, but thatContinue reading “Our Walking Tour of Seattle, Washington”

Saturday Morning Hike to Hidden Lake, Leavenworth, Washington

We have recently been enjoying slow, quiet mornings that lead to us not getting anywhere particularly early, so when we pulled into the Hidden Lake trailhead mid-morning on a Saturday, we were ecstatic to find we were the only ones there. As we got ready to hike, another truck pulled in, but we were stillContinue reading “Saturday Morning Hike to Hidden Lake, Leavenworth, Washington”