Our Drone Saga

For months, Bird has been terrified of drones. If we see one, she talks about it for days. If she thinks she hears one, she stops in her tracks. So, clearly, we have kept ours tucked far away lest she sees the case and gets scared.

However, over the past week or so, she’s been more and more interested in getting ours out, looking at it, and seeing it fly. We’ve talked about it a bit, and when I was out on the paddleboard yesterday, Will got it out for her to look at.

Not only did they look at it, they flew it around, and Bird even got to help drive. She was ecstatic.

After her un-nap (the generator is on the fritz, we had no AC, yesterday was A DAY), they wanted to get it out again to show me.

They got it off the ground, and Will flew it around a few times, then decided to take it higher…and higher… and then the wind caught it… and then it was stuck in a tree. Like way up there. Like “there’s no way we’re getting it back” up there.

So we did what any responsible adult would do and decided to go out for pizza because we were just done.

As we’re getting ready to go, we’re talking about possible ways to get the drone back. I mean, it was BARELY hanging on up there. While my contribution of using a slingshot sounded fun and impossible, Will had an idea to get some rope and try to shake the tree using the truck and who knows what else. Anyway, my response was, “you’re going to spend $30 on a bunch of rope, and we’ll come back to find out the drone fell out of the tree.”

As Will comes out of Tractor Supply, I can tell he’s chuckling to himself. He spent $30.15.

And you know what!? That drone was laying beside the trunk of the tree when we pulled back in…just as predicted.

So, now we have lots of rope. And our drone.

And now Bird may be the only one who isn’t scared of it.

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