Our Faith Adventure in Matagorda, Texas

Have you ever watched dolphins swim from your dining room window? Little Bird and I received the amazing gift of watching a pod of dolphins travel down the Colorado River during our stay at Matagorda Nature Park, and it was another reminder that we are on an amazing adventure that surprises us at every turn, even if we only think we are eating a peanut butter sandwich.

Our stay at this park was not a stop we had on our radar before Winter Storm Uri hit. In fact, we had planned on staying at the campground where we weathered the storm for an additional week after the storm. However, once the storm passed, the campground was unsure of when or if they would have water (fearing lots of broken pipes that would require indefinite repair), and we opted to make other arrangements. Thankfully, they understood, even when they were able to restore water to the campground prior to our departure, which was a relief for everyone.

On our way to Matagorda, Texas, we listened to the sermon from our home church. Hearing our pastor’s voice was such a comfort after the previous week’s events. We had relied heavily on our faith throughout the storm, praying that our propane would hold out, praying for water, and most of all praying for those who were not as fortunate as we were. It only seemed fitting that our pastor would mention the notion of the “faith adventure” during the sermon. If we have learned anything so far on this travel adventure it is that we have to have faith. Our faith is always growing, changing, and taking surprise turns, hence the adventure!

Matagorda was a place for us to rejuvenate our spirits after the ordeal of the previous week. We were all relieved to spend much of every day outside, soaking up the sunshine and Gulf breeze. Will and I both got out on the paddleboard, Will and Bird caught some amazing fish, and we all collected shells and enjoyed walking on the beach. On the days where it was not too foggy, we watched the sunset from our dinette while eating dinner. The stress of the storm really wore us down, and moving from that campground to a secluded and quiet place was what we needed.

There is no reason I should have even spotted the dolphins during lunch that day. I had randomly gotten up from my seat that faces away from the river to get something for Bird and glanced out the window as I walked back to the table and there they were! Bird saw them the next time they surfaced, and together we watched them make their way down the river and out of sight. To me, these dolphins, like so many signs and feelings on this great adventure, were another reminder that we are where we are supposed to be, and we have to have faith that we will end up where we are supposed to go.

Will and I constantly remind each other to have faith. To have faith in our adventure. To trust our faith adventure. Whether it is watching dolphins with my girl, noting coincidences that are too coincidental to not have a purpose, or listening to Bird enthusiastically say “amen” at the end of grace at each meal, it is important for us to acknowledge these amazing gifts and trust that this is our adventure, even if we do not know where the road is leading.

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