Introducing Beulah: Our Fifth Wheel

Early in 2022, Will and I came to two very important realizations: 1) we are not ready to end this adventure, and 2) Cate was just not cutting it anymore. Obviously, we made the travel trailer work for well over a year and a half, but with Bird continuing to grow, our goals to beContinue reading “Introducing Beulah: Our Fifth Wheel”

Finding Campsites on Our Route, How We Plan for Boondocking, Utah

For the first time on our adventure, we boondocked in the same place on 2 different occasions. We first stopped at the Young Field Wildlife Management Area for the night on our way to Moab, and then stopped again on our way to St. George. While our plans had us zigzagging across Utah, we wereContinue reading “Finding Campsites on Our Route, How We Plan for Boondocking, Utah”

Last Minute Change of Plans, Olympia, Washington

The most important lesson we have learned over the past year is to be flexible. We cannot anticipate everything (typically the weather), and so we just have to roll with it when our plans are upended. The night before we were set to leave Leavenworth, we did our typical night-before strategizing. Since we had reservationsContinue reading “Last Minute Change of Plans, Olympia, Washington”