Our Walking Tour of Seattle, Washington

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Seattle, so even though we were an hour and a half drive and then a ferry ride away, Will promised me (with reluctance) we would get there. We made our trip on a Saturday morning knowing that it was going to be busy, but thatContinue reading “Our Walking Tour of Seattle, Washington”

Hiking with My Bird on the Little Blakely Trail, Arkansas

One of the things I have not done a lot of on our adventure is spend time with Little Bird outside of the camper or campground just the 2 of us. We do a lot as a family, and she and I spend time together at home, but we do not usually go out somewhereContinue reading “Hiking with My Bird on the Little Blakely Trail, Arkansas”

Living the Best Beach Life at Mustang Island State Park, Texas

Texans know how to live the best beach life. There is none of this lugging your chairs, umbrellas, towels, coolers, and other accessories across parking lots, down paths, and across deep sand. No, you take a right at the stop sign, drive yourself directly onto that beach, park a safe distance from the surf, leaveContinue reading “Living the Best Beach Life at Mustang Island State Park, Texas”

Finding My Happy at the South Carolina Botanical Garden

We are truly living our dream, yet the days of pure joy have been hard to come by. It took me 9 months after Little Bird’s birth to seek help for depression and an additional 9 months to genuinely feel like myself.