Boondocking with a View…TWICE!, Texas

After spending the summer out West, we became a little spoiled with the boondocking opportunities available around every corner. Once we turned East, especially once we crossed into Texas, we started having a harder and harder time finding free places to camp. Texas posed a particular challenge since much of the state’s land is private,Continue reading “Boondocking with a View…TWICE!, Texas”

A Quiet Thanksgiving at Lake Whitney, Texas

When we pulled into Lake Whitney, we had not spent more than 1 week in any campground in 6 months (aside from our time in Snow Canyon). In fact, this was our 54th site in 6 months (that includes Snow Canyon!). Even with a month in Snow Canyon, that works out to only staying anContinue reading “A Quiet Thanksgiving at Lake Whitney, Texas”

A Dog-Friendly Visit to Waco, Texas

Recently, when we have been visiting cities, we have opted to leave Daisy at the camper, since there are frequently not many places where dogs are allowed. It is especially challenging if we are running errands or hoping to go see a particular attraction. However, when we started planning our day trip to Waco, Texas,Continue reading “A Dog-Friendly Visit to Waco, Texas”

Missing Our Sense of Community, Midland, Texas

We limped into our campsite in Midland, Texas. On the outside, everything looked fine. The truck was running well, the camper looked as she should. Except, when we pushed the button to extend the slide on the camper, we only heard the motor whirring underneath. We pulled in knowing we had a project on ourContinue reading “Missing Our Sense of Community, Midland, Texas”

Learning about the German Influence in Central Texas: Exploring Gruene and Landa Park

One thing that surprised us about Texas was the sudden influx of Lutheran churches. I was raised Lutheran, and we belong to a Lutheran church in Pittsburgh, so we are always on the lookout for Lutheran churches wherever we visit. We are typically surprised if we see 1 in an area, but when we arrivedContinue reading “Learning about the German Influence in Central Texas: Exploring Gruene and Landa Park”

Sightseeing in San Antonio—Part 2: Mission San José and the Japanese Tea Garden

I am embarrassed to say that I did not know much about the missions in San Antonio or the rich history of the area beyond the Alamo, so I was truly amazed during our visit to Mission San José. While there are a total of five missions to visit around the city with a trailContinue reading “Sightseeing in San Antonio—Part 2: Mission San José and the Japanese Tea Garden”

Sightseeing in San Antonio—Part 1: the Alamo & River Walk

San Antonio has always been one of my favorite places to visit in Texas, and I knew that Will would enjoy it, too. Even though it is the second largest city in Texas, we did not experience the same big city feel we got in Houston or Dallas, though it certainly is sprawling. For theContinue reading “Sightseeing in San Antonio—Part 1: the Alamo & River Walk”

Living the Best Beach Life at Mustang Island State Park, Texas

Texans know how to live the best beach life. There is none of this lugging your chairs, umbrellas, towels, coolers, and other accessories across parking lots, down paths, and across deep sand. No, you take a right at the stop sign, drive yourself directly onto that beach, park a safe distance from the surf, leaveContinue reading “Living the Best Beach Life at Mustang Island State Park, Texas”

Our Faith Adventure in Matagorda, Texas

Have you ever watched dolphins swim from your dining room window? Little Bird and I received the amazing gift of watching a pod of dolphins travel down the Colorado River during our stay at Matagorda Nature Park