An Uneasy Feeling, Florida

It was our final day at Fort Pickens, and we were looking at 4 nights of boondocking followed by another week or so of unknown or partial hookups. Since leaving Lake Whitney a week and a half prior, we had been either boondocking or had partial hookups. While we were fully prepared for this longContinue reading “An Uneasy Feeling, Florida”

Boondocking Our Way Across the Desert, Utah and Arizona

When we reluctantly said our goodbyes to Snow Canyon (and our month of full hookups), we pointed the truck east for 2 nights of boondocking on our way to Durango, Colorado. While we spent much of each day driving in Arizona, both nights on the road took us back over the border into Utah. EvenContinue reading “Boondocking Our Way Across the Desert, Utah and Arizona”

Our Drone Saga

For months, Bird has been terrified of drones. If we see one, she talks about it for days. If she thinks she hears one, she stops in her tracks. So, clearly, we have kept ours tucked far away lest she sees the case and gets scared. However, over the past week or so, she’s beenContinue reading “Our Drone Saga”

Finding Campsites on Our Route, How We Plan for Boondocking, Utah

For the first time on our adventure, we boondocked in the same place on 2 different occasions. We first stopped at the Young Field Wildlife Management Area for the night on our way to Moab, and then stopped again on our way to St. George. While our plans had us zigzagging across Utah, we wereContinue reading “Finding Campsites on Our Route, How We Plan for Boondocking, Utah”

Boondocking Our Way Across the Great Basin on Public Land, California and Nevada

In the month of September, we moved fast, which meant we had multiple single-night stop overs to get lots of miles under the tires. Luckily, we found some pretty awesome public land where we could boondock along our route. As we always do, we relied heavily on Campendium to help us find our boondocking locations,Continue reading “Boondocking Our Way Across the Great Basin on Public Land, California and Nevada”

Last Minute Change of Plans, Olympia, Washington

The most important lesson we have learned over the past year is to be flexible. We cannot anticipate everything (typically the weather), and so we just have to roll with it when our plans are upended. The night before we were set to leave Leavenworth, we did our typical night-before strategizing. Since we had reservationsContinue reading “Last Minute Change of Plans, Olympia, Washington”

Boondocking on BLM Land, Sinclair, Wyoming

We finally boondocked on BLM land! I am not sure what was holding us back, but our first experience at Dugway BLM outside of Sinclair, Wyoming was absolutely delightful. As in most things we are hesitant to do and only plan for a single night, we left wishing we could stay another day or 2.Continue reading “Boondocking on BLM Land, Sinclair, Wyoming”

Star Gazing in the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

Going off-grid in the Bighorn Mountains for a weekend was literally and figuratively a breath of fresh air. Even though we do our share of exploring and adventuring, we balance work, camper maintenance, raising a toddler, laundry, grocery shopping, and all the general life things, so going to the mountains where we had nowhere toContinue reading “Star Gazing in the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming”

Harvest Hosts Stay at Apple Hill Orchards, Ohio

We had another incredible stay at a Harvest Hosts location, this time at Apple Hill Orchards in Ohio. While we could have made the drive between our 2 longer stays in Ohio in 1 day, it was really nice to break it up with an overnight stay at this delightful orchard (the wind was notContinue reading “Harvest Hosts Stay at Apple Hill Orchards, Ohio”

Sleeping with the Cows: A Review of Our Stay at Walnut Hollow Ranch, Harvest Hosts

Have you ever been kept up at night by cows mooing outside your door? We have, and we loved it (however, had they woken Little Bird we may not feel the same!). On our most recent stay through Harvest Hosts, we visited Walnut Hollow Ranch in western North Carolina where they raise black angus cattleContinue reading “Sleeping with the Cows: A Review of Our Stay at Walnut Hollow Ranch, Harvest Hosts”