Harvest Hosts Stay at Apple Hill Orchards, Ohio

We had another incredible stay at a Harvest Hosts location, this time at Apple Hill Orchards in Ohio. While we could have made the drive between our 2 longer stays in Ohio in 1 day, it was really nice to break it up with an overnight stay at this delightful orchard (the wind was notContinue reading “Harvest Hosts Stay at Apple Hill Orchards, Ohio”

Sleeping with the Cows: A Review of Our Stay at Walnut Hollow Ranch, Harvest Hosts

Have you ever been kept up at night by cows mooing outside your door? We have, and we loved it (however, had they woken Little Bird we may not feel the same!). On our most recent stay through Harvest Hosts, we visited Walnut Hollow Ranch in western North Carolina where they raise black angus cattleContinue reading “Sleeping with the Cows: A Review of Our Stay at Walnut Hollow Ranch, Harvest Hosts”

Our First Boondockers Welcome Stays

We are meeting some incredible people along the way, and some of the best people we are meeting are our hosts through Boondockers Welcome. We learned about this membership early on in our planning process and knew it would pay off big for us. We stayed with Boondockers Welcome hosts in both Vermont and NewContinue reading “Our First Boondockers Welcome Stays”