Our Drone Saga

For months, Bird has been terrified of drones. If we see one, she talks about it for days. If she thinks she hears one, she stops in her tracks. So, clearly, we have kept ours tucked far away lest she sees the case and gets scared. However, over the past week or so, she’s beenContinue reading “Our Drone Saga”

Our Walking Tour of Seattle, Washington

It has always been a dream of mine to visit Seattle, so even though we were an hour and a half drive and then a ferry ride away, Will promised me (with reluctance) we would get there. We made our trip on a Saturday morning knowing that it was going to be busy, but thatContinue reading “Our Walking Tour of Seattle, Washington”

Hiking Above the Clouds at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington

There is nothing quite like having your own personal tour guide when you arrive at a National Park, but we had just that as we pulled into the parking lot at the Visitor’s Center in Port Angeles and met up with Will’s uncle. Jack knows these mountains like the back of his hand from yearsContinue reading “Hiking Above the Clouds at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington”

Celebrating 1 Year on the Road

What does a year of fulltime RVing look like? 45,297 miles driven 39 states 235 miles hiked 78 campsites 303 fish caught 9 National Parks 35 State Parks A year of so many firsts. And we cannot wait to see where the road takes us in year 2!

Enjoying Spring in Mohican State Park, Ohio

We are chasing spring. Just as we chased the changing colors in the fall as we made our way south, we are seeing spring colors popping up time and time again as we head north. We saw our first redbud trees blossoming in Texas in February, followed them up through Arkansas, Georgia, and North Carolina,Continue reading “Enjoying Spring in Mohican State Park, Ohio”

Chasing Waterfalls and Goats at Cedarock Park, Burlington, North Carolina

On recommendation from Will’s sister, we made our way to Cedarock Park on a beautiful, quiet Tuesday morning for a hike and some exploring. The park offers hiking trails, equestrian trails, disc golf, fishing, and a historic farm. While there were quite a few people in the park when we arrived, most were playing discContinue reading “Chasing Waterfalls and Goats at Cedarock Park, Burlington, North Carolina”

Hiking with My Bird on the Little Blakely Trail, Arkansas

One of the things I have not done a lot of on our adventure is spend time with Little Bird outside of the camper or campground just the 2 of us. We do a lot as a family, and she and I spend time together at home, but we do not usually go out somewhereContinue reading “Hiking with My Bird on the Little Blakely Trail, Arkansas”