A Quiet Thanksgiving at Lake Whitney, Texas

When we pulled into Lake Whitney, we had not spent more than 1 week in any campground in 6 months (aside from our time in Snow Canyon). In fact, this was our 54th site in 6 months (that includes Snow Canyon!). Even with a month in Snow Canyon, that works out to only staying anContinue reading “A Quiet Thanksgiving at Lake Whitney, Texas”

Taking a Bath at Quapaw Baths in Hot Springs, Arkansas

There is not much I miss about our sticks and bricks house, but I do occasionally miss having a bathtub. When we were in Hot Springs, Arkansas, in January, the hot springs were closed for their annual maintenance (of course!), so all of the bathhouses were closed. However, when we decided to come back throughContinue reading “Taking a Bath at Quapaw Baths in Hot Springs, Arkansas”