Boondocking with a View…TWICE!, Texas

After spending the summer out West, we became a little spoiled with the boondocking opportunities available around every corner. Once we turned East, especially once we crossed into Texas, we started having a harder and harder time finding free places to camp. Texas posed a particular challenge since much of the state’s land is private,Continue reading “Boondocking with a View…TWICE!, Texas”

Sunset Hike to Bow Tie and Corona Arches, Moab, Utah

In the year before I met Will, I had started planning a trip to Moab with visions of hiking to all the arches, visiting all the National Parks, and going on a solo, epic road trip. However, my plans never came to fruition, and until we hiked this amazing trail, it was something I hadContinue reading “Sunset Hike to Bow Tie and Corona Arches, Moab, Utah”

Two Evenings at Seal Rock, Oregon

I had major doubts that we would see seals at Seal Rock. I figured it was like so many other things where there used to be seals or someone saw 2 seals there once and the name just stuck. But I was mistaken. We ended up heading the 5 minutes up the road from ourContinue reading “Two Evenings at Seal Rock, Oregon”