A Quiet Thanksgiving at Lake Whitney, Texas

When we pulled into Lake Whitney, we had not spent more than 1 week in any campground in 6 months (aside from our time in Snow Canyon). In fact, this was our 54th site in 6 months (that includes Snow Canyon!). Even with a month in Snow Canyon, that works out to only staying an average of 3.33 nights per site. No wonder we were feeling a little burnt out!

Choosing to stay at Lake Whitney for Thanksgiving was not an accident. We had been there in February and really enjoyed our stay. We knew there is very little to do in the surrounding area, and that sounded truly delightful. The main draw, though, was the ample fishing opportunities within a very short distance. So, Will (and Bird) did more fishing in these 2 weeks than he has done in entire previous years. Which meant I had ample time to work and complete an entire sewing project (when have I ever been done with a gift a month before Christmas? Never!) plus wrap up a few small projects and a whole checklist of odds and ends.

We tackled projects around the camper, we cleaned in ways we have needed to clean for a long time, we had time to relax (in the hammock!). And it was amazing.

We certainly missed our families on Thanksgiving, especially since this was our first major holiday spent by ourselves, but we did video calls with everyone and had an overall wonderful day. The turkey breast Will grilled turned out amazing, and the pumpkin pecan praline pie I made now ranks in the top 3 as far as pies go, so we certainly ate well.

Being in this tiny home on wheels and thinking back over where we have been in the past year, what beautiful corners of this country we have seen, and who we have had the opportunity to visit certainly reiterated just how much we have to be thankful for.

The road may feel a little uncertain from here, but we are so grateful for every day we have together to live this amazing dream.

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