Campground Review and Hike at Maumee Bay State Park, Ohio

Our first stop after leaving Pennsylvania was at Maumee Bay State Park in northwest Ohio. The park is situated along Lake Erie just outside of Toledo and was an unexpected gem. Due to Memorial Day weekend, we stopped here for 1 night before moving on to the campground where we would spend the holiday. However,Continue reading “Campground Review and Hike at Maumee Bay State Park, Ohio”

Rainy Day at Cuyahoga Valley National Park

The 1 day we could go to Cuyahoga Valley National Park was the worst possible day to go. The rain was relentless. But with the rain comes fewer people, so there are silver linings even in rain clouds. It was only about an hour’s drive from our campground, but the weather and knowing we probablyContinue reading “Rainy Day at Cuyahoga Valley National Park”

Wading through the Valley of Bluebells in Hogback Ridge Metropolitan Park, Ohio

Toddlers laugh in the face of our best-laid plans, and Little Bird can often throw a wrench into our vision for the day. On our way to northeast Ohio, we left around 10:00 AM with the plan of arriving to our new campground around noon, eating lunch, and then having a quiet afternoon while BirdContinue reading “Wading through the Valley of Bluebells in Hogback Ridge Metropolitan Park, Ohio”

Harvest Hosts Stay at Apple Hill Orchards, Ohio

We had another incredible stay at a Harvest Hosts location, this time at Apple Hill Orchards in Ohio. While we could have made the drive between our 2 longer stays in Ohio in 1 day, it was really nice to break it up with an overnight stay at this delightful orchard (the wind was notContinue reading “Harvest Hosts Stay at Apple Hill Orchards, Ohio”

Hiking in Flip Flops in Hueston Woods State Park, Ohio

We were halfway to Hueston Woods State Park when I realized I had forgotten my hiking boots. In the craziness of a morning with a toddler, I had slipped on my flip flops first thing and switched my focus to getting us out the door, completely oblivious to my footwear. Somewhere along our journey, myContinue reading “Hiking in Flip Flops in Hueston Woods State Park, Ohio”

Enjoying Spring in Mohican State Park, Ohio

We are chasing spring. Just as we chased the changing colors in the fall as we made our way south, we are seeing spring colors popping up time and time again as we head north. We saw our first redbud trees blossoming in Texas in February, followed them up through Arkansas, Georgia, and North Carolina,Continue reading “Enjoying Spring in Mohican State Park, Ohio”