Enjoying Spring in Mohican State Park, Ohio

We are chasing spring. Just as we chased the changing colors in the fall as we made our way south, we are seeing spring colors popping up time and time again as we head north. We saw our first redbud trees blossoming in Texas in February, followed them up through Arkansas, Georgia, and North Carolina,Continue reading “Enjoying Spring in Mohican State Park, Ohio”

Chasing Waterfalls and Goats at Cedarock Park, Burlington, North Carolina

On recommendation from Will’s sister, we made our way to Cedarock Park on a beautiful, quiet Tuesday morning for a hike and some exploring. The park offers hiking trails, equestrian trails, disc golf, fishing, and a historic farm. While there were quite a few people in the park when we arrived, most were playing discContinue reading “Chasing Waterfalls and Goats at Cedarock Park, Burlington, North Carolina”

North Carolina Botanical Gardens, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

We are always up for a visit to a botanical garden, and the gardens at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill did not disappoint. It could be that we visited on a most beautiful spring day with pops of color blooming everywhere, but of all the universities we have driven through, Chapel HillContinue reading “North Carolina Botanical Gardens, Chapel Hill, North Carolina”