Harvest Hosts Stay at Apple Hill Orchards, Ohio

We had another incredible stay at a Harvest Hosts location, this time at Apple Hill Orchards in Ohio. While we could have made the drive between our 2 longer stays in Ohio in 1 day, it was really nice to break it up with an overnight stay at this delightful orchard (the wind was not in our favor on the way here, so it was a relief to call it a day).

When we arrived, the owner came out and showed us to our spot. It had been rainy, so she wanted to make sure we were in the driest part of the field to hopefully avoid any issues getting in or out in the morning. Once we got settled, I visited the store and picked up a few things with plans to return in the morning for their famous apple donuts.

After we ate dinner, we took Little Bird and Daisy out to do some exploring. We are making a point of creating opportunities for us all to run around, laugh, and just enjoy the moment. There is something that fills my heart to the brim about Bird running up to me, completely out of breath with the biggest smile on her face, asking if we can do whatever it is we were just doing “ah-guh-nee” (aka “again”).

On this particular evening, we explored the wooden tractor playground and also kicked a ball around (until Daisy got ahold of it, turned into a puppy chasing it around, and ended up puncturing it). Bird is mastering the art of going up and down stairs, so she had me playing contortionist as I helped her up and down the stairs inside the tractor over and over. She could not quite understand why I had to kneel and bend and twist to keep from smacking my head, so she would turn her head to the side, mimicking me, and ask “Mama?” to make sure I was okay.

In the morning, we found out why the apple donuts are famous, and Bird and I enjoyed a quick walk around the field and time playing in the tractor while Will hooked up the camper and got us ready to go. While she and I were climbing the stairs, the resident chickens joined us in the tractor, giving us both a scare and laugh. Bird was then completely enamored with the chickens and ducks, so we followed them around the yard and watched their antics.

As I have said before, our stays at Harvest Hosts locations are absolutely some of our favorite nights on the road. There is truly something to be said for unplugging, slowing down, and just enjoying our surroundings. We also love being able to support local businesses, and without a doubt, we will return to Apple Hill Orchards for a future stay or simply to pick up a few donuts if we ever find ourselves in this area again.

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