A Quiet Thanksgiving at Lake Whitney, Texas

When we pulled into Lake Whitney, we had not spent more than 1 week in any campground in 6 months (aside from our time in Snow Canyon). In fact, this was our 54th site in 6 months (that includes Snow Canyon!). Even with a month in Snow Canyon, that works out to only staying anContinue reading “A Quiet Thanksgiving at Lake Whitney, Texas”

A Dog-Friendly Visit to Waco, Texas

Recently, when we have been visiting cities, we have opted to leave Daisy at the camper, since there are frequently not many places where dogs are allowed. It is especially challenging if we are running errands or hoping to go see a particular attraction. However, when we started planning our day trip to Waco, Texas,Continue reading “A Dog-Friendly Visit to Waco, Texas”

Missing Our Sense of Community, Midland, Texas

We limped into our campsite in Midland, Texas. On the outside, everything looked fine. The truck was running well, the camper looked as she should. Except, when we pushed the button to extend the slide on the camper, we only heard the motor whirring underneath. We pulled in knowing we had a project on ourContinue reading “Missing Our Sense of Community, Midland, Texas”

Finally Finding Our Way to Santa Fe, New Mexico

I was ecstatic to finally visit Santa Fe. As we drove into the city for the day, I rattled off all that authors, artists, and musicians who have visited or lived in Santa Fe and the amazing creative works that the area has inspired. I was so excited to walk the streets, immerse ourselves inContinue reading “Finally Finding Our Way to Santa Fe, New Mexico”

Driving the Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

The drive from Durango to Ouray is undoubtedly 1 of the most scenic drives we have been on. The 25 miles between Silverton and Ouray is known as the Million Dollar Highway, and it certainly offers million-dollar views. Built in the 1920s, this stretch of highway is an engineering feat in any era. While someContinue reading “Driving the Million Dollar Highway, Colorado”

Imagining Life in the Cliff Dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

Visiting Durango has been high on our list since we started our adventure, so we were excited to finally make it there after we left Snow Canyon. We knew it would be absolutely beautiful and that there would be so much to explore, but we also had the opportunity to visit my cousin, which wasContinue reading “Imagining Life in the Cliff Dwellings at Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado”

Boondocking Our Way Across the Desert, Utah and Arizona

When we reluctantly said our goodbyes to Snow Canyon (and our month of full hookups), we pointed the truck east for 2 nights of boondocking on our way to Durango, Colorado. While we spent much of each day driving in Arizona, both nights on the road took us back over the border into Utah. EvenContinue reading “Boondocking Our Way Across the Desert, Utah and Arizona”

Our Drone Saga

For months, Bird has been terrified of drones. If we see one, she talks about it for days. If she thinks she hears one, she stops in her tracks. So, clearly, we have kept ours tucked far away lest she sees the case and gets scared. However, over the past week or so, she’s beenContinue reading “Our Drone Saga”

Exploring a Slot Canyon at Zion National Park, Utah

Zion was a must-visit during our time in Utah. We knew that to see the heart of the park, visitors are required to ride a shuttle, yet we knew that seeing just a part of the park would be worth it. When Will’s parents were in town, they visited the park, so we had veryContinue reading “Exploring a Slot Canyon at Zion National Park, Utah”

Barely Getting a Glimpse at Grand Canyon National Park North Rim, Arizona

Even though the North Rim of the Grand Canyon was about 3 hours from Snow Canyon, we simply could not justify missing this National Park during our stay. Will and I had both visited when we were growing up, but we really wanted to take Bird. However, had we known what we were going toContinue reading “Barely Getting a Glimpse at Grand Canyon National Park North Rim, Arizona”