Fields of Colorado Wildflowers

Being in the mountains of Colorado in the late spring and early summer was a gift that just kept on giving in the form of wildflowers. We took several drives higher into the mountains, or into other mountains, just to find as many varieties as we could.

One of my many projects to tackle when we eventually settle down is to compile pictures of all of the flowers we have seen on our adventure and create a picture book with all the names, states, etc.

With that project in mind, and the fact that we saw over a dozen species on one outing alone, I continue to refer back to this amazing database I found dedicated to Colorado’s wildflowers.

Obviously, the highlight of this post is photos of the beautiful flowers we saw (and some of the girls) while we were out and about, so please enjoy!

One thought on “Fields of Colorado Wildflowers

  1. After all this time I am finally leaving a comment. These posts are always amazing and warms my heart when I read them. The wildflowers and our favorite gals are picture perfect! Thank you for bringing back your posts. They are the best!


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