We Might be Crazy

“Are we completely crazy?”

We were walking on a park trail, discussing options for our future, as it was evident our life was getting ready to change. We were simply waiting for the call to let us know that Will no longer had a job. Life had been completely up in the air for months between waiting for job news and the global pandemic, and going back to our old “normal” was something we knew we’d never experience. I had just thrown out an idea – one we’d dreamed about but hadn’t thought too much about – it always seemed too extreme, too outside the norm. Yet, suddenly, it felt possible, it felt right.

Could we sell the house, buy a camper, and explore the US with a 1-year-old and a Westie?

When we could not come up with a legitimate reason not to, aside from the initial “this sounds absolutely crazy,” we realized that maybe – just maybe – we could make this dream a reality.

So, let the planning begin!

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