The Road Ahead

We left western Pennsylvania this week, and while we are beyond excited to continue our adventure, this goodbye was harder than any previous one. This is the first time we have left without having a return date on the calendar, so it feels a little more definite. As sad as it was to say goodbyeContinue reading “The Road Ahead”

Finding the Terrain Cure in Hot Springs National Park

We were really not sure what to expect during our visit to Hot Springs, or really Arkansas in general, but we were blown away with the unexpected scenery and unique setting of the national park and the surrounding area.

Something is Brewing at the Charleston Tea Garden and Our Visit to the Angel Oak and Edisto Beach State Park

We visited the South Carolina Tea Garden, Angel Oak, and Edisto Beach State Park.

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates: Our Wanderings in Savannah, GA and Hilton Head Island, SC

We had an amazing time exploring Savannah and Hilton Head Island.

Navigating More than the Trail in Hanging Rock State Park

Reaching the summit of Hanging Rock was in many ways an act of God. And we arrived at the top at the exact moment He intended us to, as our 15 minutes exploring the rock outcroppings and enjoying the beautiful and breathtaking views were secondary to the way our hearts and spirits were moved throughContinue reading “Navigating More than the Trail in Hanging Rock State Park”

Getting into the Holiday Spirit in Pittsburgh, PA

We spent the week of Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh visiting family and catching up on doctor’s appointments and other commitments. Will and I took advantage of having eager grandparents nearby and headed into the city—JUST US—for an actual date! Since COVID has a stronghold on the traditional date destinations, we ended up walking around downtown PittsburghContinue reading “Getting into the Holiday Spirit in Pittsburgh, PA”

Exploring Warriors Path State Park, Tennessee

We loved staying so close to Warriors Path State Park and really took advantage of all it had to offer during our month in Tennessee.

What State Are We In? Our Hike to Tri-State Peak in the Historic Cumberland Gap

This historic Cumberland Gap is a must see! We hiked to the top of Tri-State Peak and stood in Kentucky,
Tennessee, and Virginia all at once!