Exploring Knoxville, the Marble City

We explored Knoxville twice and we would go back in a heartbeat. Knoxville is definitely worth a visit!

Weekend Hike in Laurel Run Park

The campground we are staying at in Tennessee is in a really great location, but it is about a 1.5-hour drive to many of the things we want to do and see. On a day when we were definitely not feeling spending a minimum of 3 hours in the car, I started doing some researchContinue reading “Weekend Hike in Laurel Run Park”

Time Slipped Away in Asheville and Mount Mitchell

We took a daytrip to Asheville and Mount Mitchell. It did not go quite as planned, but we are learning to pivot and make the best of things!

Blown Away in the Mountains of Tennessee

The weather took a colder, windier turn, but that did not stop us from getting out to explore the beauty of eastern Tennessee. We had hoped to do some hiking on the Appalachian Trail, but we opted for a lower elevation hike after taking in a couple of mountain top views.

Hiking Apple Orchard Mountain

In any state we visit, if we are near the Appalachian Trail, you can bet we are going to find a way to hike at least a few miles of it. There is something truly special about setting foot on a trail that so many have hiked. I just love hiking and thinking about allContinue reading “Hiking Apple Orchard Mountain”