Little Bird Turns 2 at the Zoo

Seemingly without any warning our Bird is 2. She has found rocks and sticks in 27 states and 9 National Parks. She learned to walk in Tennessee and started potty training in Pennsylvania. She is incredibly easygoing and finds joy and excitement in every moment. She is the only grandchild on either side, which isContinue reading “Little Bird Turns 2 at the Zoo”

Getting into the Holiday Spirit in Pittsburgh, PA

We spent the week of Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh visiting family and catching up on doctor’s appointments and other commitments. Will and I took advantage of having eager grandparents nearby and headed into the city—JUST US—for an actual date! Since COVID has a stronghold on the traditional date destinations, we ended up walking around downtown PittsburghContinue reading “Getting into the Holiday Spirit in Pittsburgh, PA”

Standing at the Confluence: Our First Trip Back to Pittsburgh

We were back at our home base recently, and I think Will and I were both surprised at how foreign being back felt. We have really adapted to our life on the road, and after 3 months of living in the camper, it is truly home.