Little Bird Turns 2 at the Zoo

Seemingly without any warning our Bird is 2. She has found rocks and sticks in 27 states and 9 National Parks. She learned to walk in Tennessee and started potty training in Pennsylvania. She is incredibly easygoing and finds joy and excitement in every moment.

She is the only grandchild on either side, which is more or less the reason we returned to Pennsylvania before heading West for the summer. We also needed to return to our home base to do some spring cleaning and purging of the camper; get all of us to respective doctor, dentist, or veterinary appointments; and to slow down and regroup before we hit the road hard over the summer.

Although we had a small birthday party with family, we celebrated Bird’s actual birthday at the zoo. She loves animals, so we knew this adventure would be a hit. It was also a place where we could meet up with both sets of grandparents and have them celebrate with us.

We made our way to the zoo early on a weekday in hopes of avoiding any crowds, and we were mostly successful. While there was a gaggle of folks near the front, as we made our way toward the back and to the aquarium, the pack really thinned out, and we were able to take our time and enjoy the experience. There is truly nothing more special than seeing the pure delight on a child’s face when they see an animal they know from their books right in front of them. It was a moderate day and all the animals were out and about, which made the trip extra enjoyable.

When we visited, there were still rather strict COVID protocols in place, so while there were a couple of snack bars open offering drinks, popcorn, and cotton candy, there were no places open to get “real” food. This was not entirely clear on the zoo website, so we were slightly unprepared in the lunch department. Luckily everyone was a good sport, and Bird was not even the one who broke down in tears when we did not eat until almost 2 (it was me).

The majority of our recent adventures have been to visit family, get our second vaccination, or take care of more housekeeping duties, so while we are enjoying visiting with our families and having them spend quality time with Bird, we are also really excited to get back on the road.

When we do hit the road again, we will now have a terrific 2-year-old with us, and even though Will and I cannot believe she is growing so fast, she is the first to remind us with her 2 little pointer fingers exactly how old she is.

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