Hiking Apple Orchard Mountain

In any state we visit, if we are near the Appalachian Trail, you can bet we are going to find a way to hike at least a few miles of it. There is something truly special about setting foot on a trail that so many have hiked. I just love hiking and thinking about allContinue reading “Hiking Apple Orchard Mountain”

Our First Boondockers Welcome Stays

We are meeting some incredible people along the way, and some of the best people we are meeting are our hosts through Boondockers Welcome. We learned about this membership early on in our planning process and knew it would pay off big for us. We stayed with Boondockers Welcome hosts in both Vermont and NewContinue reading “Our First Boondockers Welcome Stays”

Exploring Mountains and Lakes in the Adirondacks

Setting off on this adventure, we knew that we would lead a more active lifestyle. However, had you told me 4 months ago that I would have hiked to the summit of 2 mountains in 1 week and walked to or around several lakes, I would have laughed at you. Our 2 weeks in theContinue reading “Exploring Mountains and Lakes in the Adirondacks”