Check us out on YouTube!

Our YouTube channel is officially LIVE! Head on over and check out the much anticipated tour of our trusty new home, affectionately called Cate. Please send us a few likes and remember to subscribe!

While we are making introductions, we wanted to share a little more about each of us:

Will is an avid outdoorsman and is a champ at backing up the camper, even in the most awkward places. He loves taking Little Bird, or “G,” on fishing adventures in every place we visit. He loves this lifestyle for the country we get to see and the time he gets to spend with the family. Will is the voice and videographer behind our YouTube channel.

Lisa is a homebody who loves to travel, so living a life where our home comes with us is quite fitting. She loves photography, reading, sewing, and baking, but spends most of her energy trying to keep up with Little Bird. Lisa is the voice behind the blog and the eye behind most of our photos.

Little Bird or “G” is 17 months old and is full of personality, giggles, and energy. She is always busy and loves picking up leaves and pointing at airplanes. She keeps us on our toes now, so we cannot imagine what life will be like when she starts walking on her own.

Daisy is our trusty Westhighland Terrier. She loves car rides, especially sitting on the front seat console so she can keep her eye out for squirrels. She continues to amaze us with her agility and stamina on the trails. She is a true adventure dog.

Together, we are Nurturing Adventure. Through our videos and blog, we hope to inspire others to seek out opportunities for adventure, no matter how big or small!

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