Celebrating 2 Years on the Road…with Covid

I had big plans for us to celebrate 2 years on the road. Okay, maybe it’s more accurate to say I had plans to have plans to celebrate. You know, like going out to dinner, going to get ice cream, blowing up a few balloons, something low-key but a celebration nonetheless.

After all, we’ve lived in a small space in very close proximity to each other and somehow the love and happiness that fills this space is bigger now than it was when we started. And these 2 years haven’t always been full of sunshine and rainbows. We’ve been tested, my mental health has tested us all, and we’re no doubt stronger because of it all.

Unfortunately, Covid was the only one with a solid plan. As someone who has struggled with asthma my entire life, getting Covid was my second worst fear. Bird getting Covid was number one. Will and I were promptly vaccinated and boosted, and Bird was the first child under 5 to be vaccinated at the closest Walgreens (yes, we drove over an hour each way for a shot…twice). This was not something I wanted to mess with.

After being incredibly diligent and careful, we let our guard down, we allowed our boundaries to be negotiated, and one of my fears came true…thankfully it was me, not Bird.

Obviously, our 2-year celebration went by the wayside and suddenly we were trying to navigate isolating me in a small space from a 3-year-old who frequently inhabits my personal bubble. Somehow, we were successful.

Will was juggling his job, taking care of Bird, and caring and worrying about me, and placing that burden on him weighed heavy on us both.

Luckily, my illness was mild, so while I feel like I virtually slept through a week of my life, there were times when I was able to relieve Will by taking Bird outside or keeping my distance while she racked up the screen time.

While I still have hopes of celebrating our time on the road, our actual anniversary date just added to the memories and obstacles that have made us better along the way.

2 thoughts on “Celebrating 2 Years on the Road…with Covid

  1. Dear Lisa—you and your family are definitely in our prayers. We’ll pray for your full recovery and the safety of your family—Pastor Fred

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