5 Years of Marriage, a Lifetime of Memories

I knew early on in our relationship that I’d found my travel partner in Will. Our first Christmas together, I bought him (a map guy) a map of the US that we could scratch off each state as we visited together, with a goal of seeing all 50 states together. Never did I imagine that on our 5 year wedding anniversary we’d only have 2 to go.

We have spent almost half of our marriage living in 400 sq ft (or less), and there’s no doubt in my mind that we’re stronger because of it. He’s seen me at my lowest lows, my highest highs, and everything in between. And we’ve put in the work to continually improve our communication and grow together.

He is my person. The one who makes me roll my eyes the most and laugh the hardest. The one who is always beside me as we each fight our individual battles but continue to dream together.

The journey so far has been more than I’d ever dreamt of for our lifetime together, and somehow we’re only 5 years in.

There’s no telling where this road is going, but I know we’d better buckle up buttercup, because it’s sure to be a wild ride.

Happy anniversary, my love.

5 thoughts on “5 Years of Marriage, a Lifetime of Memories

  1. Congrats to you two, and to Grace for being the child that enlightens your world and your marriage. We remember with affection your wedding day. Traveling and living as you have done these past few years is definitly something that has helped to secure your committment. Love, Lois and Dave Salvatora

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  2. Happy anniversary and many good adventures more. We miss you both and Grace. And we are happy you are having a great time. When you’re in the area please stop by—Pastor Fred, Joan and your church family at St Paul’s love you! We’re having Oktoberfest next Sunday. We’ll toast you all!

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