Enjoying the Music and Charm in Harmony, PA

When Will and I left the camper to walk to the cutest little town of Harmony, PA, we were immensely looking forward to dinner out together just the 2 of us. What we did not know is that there was a live band playing at the restaurant we were going to. And hearing first the sound check then the actual set of bluegrass music from a local quartet brought tears to my eyes.

Of all the things I have missed over the past year and a half, live music was on the list but not one that I gave much thought to. Sure, I tuned in to watch a few online concerts, but the thought of going to a crowded venue caused enough anxiety that missing the music seemed secondary. But there is something only live music can do for my soul, and that void was ready to be filled.

When we sat down on at our table on the patio of the Harmony Inn, Will and I exchanged glances of pure excitement when we saw the band (Well Strung) warming up. I do enjoy bluegrass music, but at that point, I really did not care what kind of music they played. It was such a treat to see people smiling, laughing, and making music together.

We thoroughly enjoyed our food with the sound of music in the background, then we sat for awhile longer just enjoying the evening. Our first true date night in what seemed like forever was more than we bargained for.

We also had not bargained on being a short walk across a pedestrian bridge from the quaint town of Harmony when we booked our spot at the campground in Zelienople for our 3-week stay in western Pennsylvania. The only other campground we have stayed at within walking distance to restaurants and businesses was in Florida, and since walking anywhere required going along a very busy road, we really did not venture out on foot while we there.

Unfortunately for our bank account, the walk to Harmony was the quietest, most enjoyable walk you could imagine, across Connoquenessing Creek, past beautiful restored homes (some with chickens), directly through the historic downtown. In addition to our date to the Harmony Inn, we made the walk many times over our stay for coffee, delicious pastries, fresh soft pretzels, crepes, and several lunches. The Lagerhaus Bakery offers breakfast sandwiches, lunch, and coffee along with their array of baked goods. Two Fraus Bakery has unique cookies, breads, baked goods, and the most decadent pretzels on Saturdays. Wunderbar has amazing crepes, sandwiches (breakfast and lunch), and amazing coffee (and online ordering), which enticed us over several times. We also enjoyed perusing The Little Green Bookshop with the best selection I have seen in a long time, especially given the size of the shop.

The little town of Harmony surprised us in so many ways, and every time we walked over the somewhat questionable pedestrian bridge, it felt like we were walking into the most welcoming and homey community. Our time in Pennsylvania was special in many respects but getting to explore this hidden gem was a treat we were not expecting.

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