Hiking to the Other Side of the Buffalo Bill Dam, Cody, Wyoming

Of all the hikes we did during our visit to Cody, this last one was simultaneously the easiest and the most challenging while also proving incredibly interesting. The trail offers virtually no shade (aside from a tunnel you walk through), and the information we found beforehand was a little sketchy on access (yes, you canContinue reading “Hiking to the Other Side of the Buffalo Bill Dam, Cody, Wyoming”

Hiking Elk Creek Trail, Cody, Wyoming

One of the first hikes I ever remember going on with my dad was on the Elk Creek trail. We were camping down the road, and he and I went for a short, probably couple mile, hike. While my adult self would love to say this is where my love of hiking started and onlyContinue reading “Hiking Elk Creek Trail, Cody, Wyoming”

Can you Ever Go Back Home? Returning to Cody, Wyoming

It has been 19 years since I called Cody, Wyoming home. In many ways, both Cody and I are the same and completely different. While the streets were as familiar to me as they were nearly 20 years ago, so many things lining those streets were new or changed or no longer there. We stayedContinue reading “Can you Ever Go Back Home? Returning to Cody, Wyoming”