Our First Camp Host Position, Snow Canyon State Park, Utah

Getting our first camp host position was a true blessing. As we continue on our adventure, finding ways to make this lifestyle more sustainable are key to us keeping going, and having Will take on a camp host position seemed like the best fit.

We committed to a month-long stay at Snow Canyon State Park just outside of St. George, Utah. In exchange for Will working 20 hours per week doing various landscaping projects around both the campground and park, we received a place to stay for the month and some semblance of stability.

Prior to our arrival, we were told which spot we would be in and a few other details, but we were both nervous. I was concerned about fitting in the designated spot, as I had read reviews of the campground and knew the section we were intended to be in was older and very tight. I was concerned about cell service and the quality of Internet we would have for me to continue working. I was also concerned that for 5 days a week it was just going to be me and Bird out exploring without Will, which was a complete shift in our mentality. Will was concerned about a whole host of other things more directly related to the job and how his role would fit in.

When we pulled in, the girls and I waited patiently while Will went into the office and met the folks he would be working with. From the parking area, I could see the spot we were intended to inhabit for the month and my heart sank. There was truly no way we could fit. Luckily, I was not the only one who noticed this, as soon Will and his boss were leaving the campground to check out an alternate spot.

The spot they were looking at was a dream come true. We ended up cozied up next to the maintenance building about a mile from the campground. We had some of the best views literally from our front door. While staying in the campground would have been fun, where we ended up gave us so much room for the girls to play and for us to really relax. And we still had full hookups. There was no doubt from the first minutes there that we were on the receiving end of a really great deal.

Sure, we have spent time in state parks, and we have stayed in campgrounds for extended periods of time, but never have I ever dreamed that I would get to call a state park home. And after a month there, it sure felt pretty comfortable. We arrived in a desert landscape we knew little about and left knowing so much about the place we were blessed to call home. From the wildlife and trails to the quirks of visitors scrambling on the rock above us, we found a rhythm and comfort that cannot be replicated when we are continually on the move.

There is no doubt Snow Canyon will forever hold a dear place in our hearts, and we are beyond grateful for this opportunity and the experience Will gained from this very first position. This lifestyle has treated us well, and now we have another way to make it more sustainable as we plan the road ahead.

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