Wine Tasting at Emerson Vineyards, Oregon

Typically, when we arrive at a Harvest Hosts, either Will or I will go into the storefront to complete the requested minimum $20 purchase to support our stay. But Bird had napped for most of the drive to Emerson Vineyards and the tasting room was huge and not very busy, so we decided to let Daisy relax in the camper while Will and I both enjoyed a wine tasting with Bird in tow.

When we entered the building, we were each offered a very generous pour of the first wine and Bird got a juice. She downed the juice faster than Will or I finished our first tasting, so we realized we would likely need to pick up our pace for the subsequent wines while she was still cooperative. However, the first generous pours turned into 7 generous pours (as they insisted we try ALL of their wines) and a delightful conversation with another couple who were also staying through Harvest Hosts.

Unlike us, though, they did not have toddler to help them stumble back home.

The wines were delicious, and we bought a couple of bottles: 1 for our growing collection and 1 we planned on enjoying that evening. But once we realized that we had consumed roughly 3 glasses of wine each in less than an hour, we were pretty well set with our wine consumption for the evening.

And let’s take a minute to thank the Lord that it was Friday and the vineyard had an event that included a food truck, because walking to pick up 2 brick-fired pizzas was much more doable than preparing something for ourselves while we were still recovering from our tasting.

This is by far the most campers we have ever seen at a Harvest Hosts location. Including us, there were 6 there that night. There was certainly plenty of room for everyone and we really did not feel cramped, but even though it was a beautiful day in the mid-60s, 1 of the other campers ran their generator all evening (even though they spent the entire evening by the tasting room listening to the band) then fired it up first thing the next morning. It was not one of the remotely quiet generators either, and it was pointed in our direction. We really try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but Will and I could hardly hear each other talking if we were outside. It was incredibly inconsiderate. All the while, we did not even get out our generator.

There have been very few stays where we have truly boondocked and not set up the generator, mostly because it has been summer and it is so much more comfortable with the air conditioner. We have even gotten it out simply to make toast or use the microwave. So, we understand using it when it is needed. However, we do not understand running it when you are not around (especially in a state that is dry as a tinder box) and wasting all that gas. We are probably too considerate of other people, but it really rubs us the wrong way when people are completely oblivious to those around them.

Even though we had a rather loud evening, we did take a nice walk away from the camper to explore the vineyard and let the girls run off some energy. It was so beautiful watching the sun set over the endless rows of grapes and appreciating all that goes into cultivating the fruit.

Our stay at the vineyard was still very pleasant even with the inconsiderate neighbors. We have seen people do some crazy things over the past year, and yet sometimes we are still amazed.

We have yet to pop open the extra bottle of wine we brought home, but knowing how delicious all of the wines were that we had in our tasting, I know it will be a treat when we do.

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