Experiencing a Cape Lookout Sunset, Oregon

Our Hipcamp stay was a few miles from the Three Capes Scenic Byway on the Oregon coast, and we took full advantage of our proximity to the beach.

The first night of our stay, we scoped out the area and caught a bit of the sunset from an overlook, but the next night we were ready. After dinner, we made our way to Cape Lookout State Park, paid the $5 entry fee, and made our way to the beach. Our breath was immediately taken away as we walked along the beach with the ocean to our right and tall cliffs to our left.

The tide was going out as we made our way toward the cape, and we thoroughly enjoyed our walk along the beach, investigating the cliff walls covered in barnacles. We started our walk with Bird in the backpack so that we could make decent time getting to our furthest point and then meander our way back at toddler-speed.

As we reached the edge of the cape, the sunset turned from beautiful to the most stunning hues of pink. And at the same time, the fog rolled in behind us creating the most perfect cotton candy pink skies all around. It was truly a sight to behold.

When we got Bird out of the backpack, she took off at either lightening fast speed or needed to be coaxed along, absolutely nothing in between. She and Daisy raced along the beach, and her laughter and face of pure delight will forever be etched in my mind.

We returned to the truck completely in agreement that our entrance fee was the best $5 we have spent in a long time, not only for the beautiful sunset and overall amazing experience, but also for the very happy but tired toddler and dog.

While we caught a sunrise when we were on the East Coast, our family schedule is much more sunset-inclined, so it has been so much fun experiencing the sunset at different beaches and vantage points as we make our down the coast. The sunset a Cape Lookout certainly has a special place in our memories.

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