That Time at the Goat Farm When Bird Met Kittens, Skamokawa, Washington

When finding a Harvest Hosts location, we know we cannot go wrong when there are animals involved. And the Skamokawa Farm and Creamery had ALL the animals.

As we pulled up to the address we were given, we had doubts that this was where we were supposed to go. It was not until we were rolling past that we saw the sign letting us know we were, in fact, in the right place. So, we had the arduous task of finding a place big enough to turn the camper around. Luckily, there was a place right up the road that had a hint of cell reception to confirm we were at the right place and to review the email from the host 1 more time (when I start doubting 1 thing, I doubt them all).

Our second arrival went far smoother than our first, as no one was behind us and Will could take his time pulling in. As we pulled up to the farm, there was not another person in sight. However, there were clear instructions to “park wherever you want” that did not block the main driveway, so we maneuvered into a space that perched us up on a little hill overlooking the fields.

Once we got set up, we set off to explore. There were goats frolicking in the field beside us, so we said hello to them then made our way around to the horses and miniature horses. That is where we met the first cat. Between the cat and horses, Will and Bird could not give out enough love (I am allergic to horses and cats, so I kept my distance).

We made our way back to the camper with promises to Bird that we would explore more once we were able to get a better feel for the place.

Shortly after we returned to the camper, the owner of the farm pulled up the driveway and stopped to chat with us. She welcomed us and told us to head on down to the main area where the goats are kept as they would be getting the babies out and then would be milking the goats. Of course, we were in, so we donned our boots and made our way down to see all the animals.

We were greeted immediately by Petunia, the potbellied pig, who got up in Bird’s face and got mud all over her outfit, which did not start things off on the right foot, according to Bird (who is still holding a grudge when pigs are mentioned). However, Petunia was followed closely by 2 small kittens, and Bird fell immediately in love (this love was unrequited on the first day, but very much indulged in the following morning). Mama cat even got in on the love.

We watched the goats and alpaca being fed, then made our way down to the field where we could see the baby goats. Once they all came back in, it was time for milking.

The owner invited us into the main building where we were able to watch the whole process from behind glass. The goats happily hopped up on the long bench, and we watched as they cleaned the goats then hooked each up to the milking machine, wrapping up with hand milking to make sure they got everything. While Will and I found this entertaining, Bird was ready to head out after the first set of goats were milked.

Later in the evening, 1 other camper and I met up with the owner to try her fresh made goat cheese. It was absolutely delicious. I am a fan of goat cheese, Bird tried it but has since passed when offered, and Will reluctantly tried a little. Over the course of the evening, a third camper rolled in, which, according to the owner, is apparently standard for this location. It is pretty incredible that she is able to host campers every single night.

I woke up early the next morning before anyone else and made my way outside with some coffee to enjoy the brisk morning air. I watched fog burn off the adjacent properties as the sun came up and made small talk with one of the alpaca hanging out in the field nearby. It was such a pleasant way to start the day.

Even though there was no cell signal at the farm, the owner provided free WiFi, which is absolutely incredible and the first time we have seen that at a Harvest Hosts location. It was much needed, as well, as I had a call the following morning, and the WiFi allowed us to stick around the farm. We also had a relatively short drive to our next location, which had a late check-in time, so the stars aligned in many ways. While I took my call, Will and Bird were able to visit all the animals again, including the kittens, and make the most of the rest of our visit.

Every Harvest Hosts stay has offered an incredibly unique experience, and we have several lined up as we continue our way down the West Coast. I particularly love staying at farms (even over wineries!) just because of the hands-on experience Bird gets at each stay. You truly cannot beat a personalized, one-on-one visit to these places, and as Bird continues to talk about the piggy, “paca,” and kittens, I know the impact lasts.

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