Why is there water on the floor? Parts 1 & 2

Pretty much nothing makes my heart sink faster than seeing water where there is not supposed to be water. Like in a puddle on the floor, in a damp spot on the ceiling, or hearing dripping where dripping should not be heard. I have had my fair share of water-in-dwelling-place issues, starting with a ceiling collapse in a dorm room in college to fully replacing the plumbing in the townhouse after having several leaking pipes and another near ceiling collapse, so finding water on the floor of the camper twice in 24 hours had me a little on edge.

Part 1

As I was crawling into bed (that is literally what I have to do), I pulled the bedspread up from where it had crumpled to the night before. (Our bed is practically impossible to make, so 90% of the time it goes unmade.) As I was adjusting the bedspread, I see and feel WET. That evening, we had seen some of the strongest storms yet in the camper, and in that split second, ALL the things went through my mind. I frantically pulled everything off the floor and found a few more damp things but no visible puddle. I felt the walls, ceiling, around the window…and nothing. I called Will in because there is no way water just appeared in the bedroom. Will came in and did the same check and then started asking all the questions I had already asked myself: Did Daisy pee or puke? Did I spill my water? Did Little Bird spill her water? Well, it did not smell like pee or vomit, and no, Little Bird had not been in here and I would remember spilling this much water (I hope!). So, Will went outside to check things – around the window, under the camper, and everything was FINE. We checked the storage area under the bed, and it was dry as can be.

Completely perplexed, we started replaying the evening’s events, specifically during the storm, and finally pieced together the only plausible explanation.

While we were eating dinner, the storm really started to roll in. Will jumped up when the rain really started coming down and realized that we needed to get the awning in NOW. In the replay in mind, I hear Little Bird saying “uh-oh-uh-oh” from her highchair at the table as we scrambled to keep the awning from buckling, but, in retrospect, that may have been me saying that. As Will held up the middle of the awning with our teeny tiny broom, I started slowly retracting it. All was fine until it got right up next to the camper and a wall of water fell upon us. When that water came down on us, we realized several hours later, some must have rushed under the bedroom door and been soaked up by the bedspread and other things on the floor. Mystery solved and crisis averted.

Part 2, Less than 24 hours Later

One of the purchases we made for the camper was a portable washing machine. With the world being chaos, we decided we would rather spend money upfront and avoid the laundromat as much as possible and also remove the need to obtain and use coins – win, win. We know we will still need to visit a laundromat occasionally, but for most of our clothes, we can wash them in our portable machine and hang them out to dry.

On the day we renovated Little Bird’s room, I was trying to organize her toys and play with her at the same time (if you have ever known a toddler, you know this was not productive). I was 100% immersed and had no idea Will was getting the washer ready to run a load of laundry until I looked up and saw a literal river of water running across the floor from the bathroom to the dinette. We use the washing machine in the bathtub for easy filling and draining and when the door to the bathroom is open, you cannot see into the main area of the camper from Little Bird’s room. Will had started filling the washer (which takes longer than you think it should) and had stepped outside to tend to Daisy. Once the water reached a certain level, the hose popped out of the basin, and voila, we had a river on the floor. Fortunately, the river only ran for a few seconds, but the irony that we used all our towels to clean the floor and then needed to wash them was not lost on us.

We are so lucky that both water instances were our fault and not actual serious issues. The fear of water damage is one of the reasons we bought a new camper and it is definitely not something we want to deal with any time soon (please knock on wood for us).

No matter what the cause, seeing water on the floor is a terrible feeling and I do not recommend this method for washing your floors (even though having all the floors cleaned in 24 hours was an added bonus).

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown.”

Isaiah 43:2

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