Rookie Mistake

We apparently left the fridge on when we returned from our inaugural trip last week. We keep Cate near Will’s parents, so when we were visiting them today and Little Bird went down for a nap, I ran over to grab a couple things we realized we need at home. I am still getting used to driving the truck, and I’m even more hesitant about most things camper-related, so I was less than thrilled when I got out of the truck and heard the chirp of the carbon monoxide detector. But I shoved those doubts way back into the deep pockets of my brain and carried on like nothing was wrong (like you do).

I hopped into the camper and pressed the button to open the slide. You see, the primary thing I needed was our handheld vacuum that we store under the dinette and therefore must open the slide (if I could have avoided this step, you best believe I would have). But when I hit the button, I was met with utter silence. Naturally, I hit it a few more times (both out and in) to see if I could will it open. Nada.

I grabbed my phone to call Will hoping he would say, “No problem darlin’” and either a) “we don’t need the vacuum that badly” or b) “I’ll be right there.” He said none of those things. Instead, he told me (in not quite these words) to put on my big girl pants, back the truck up, and hook up the camper to get the battery going. So I hung up, grumbled a bit to myself (obviously), took a deep breath, and did exactly that, and it felt pretty darn good!

It all went smoothly from there, getting the vacuum, turning off the fridge, and buttoning everything back up. I am confident we will not forget to turn the fridge off the next time we need to, and I also know this will not be the only rookie mistake we make. It wouldn’t be an adventure if we didn’t learn all the things along the way!

One thought on “Rookie Mistake

  1. Cheers, Putting on your “Big Girl Pants” is usually liberating in the aftermath. Girl, some days I just can’t face being an adult! Cheers to you friend!


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