The Road Ahead

The first questions everyone asks us are: “Where are you going first?” and “When are you going to be in X?” The answer, right now at least, is “it all depends.” Ideally, we want to head to the Northeast and hit Maine and Vermont before fall, however, COVID may have other plans. We will definitely be planning around individual states’ requirements for out of state travelers.

We will be going full time in mid-July, and we will spend our first month not too far from home as we finish packing our current life into a storage shed and getting the necessary appointments taken care of. We plan to officially hit the road in mid-August.

If it is possible by then for us to head to the Northeast, that is where we’ll head first. If COVID has other plans, we are open to spending more time exploring Pennsylvania and surrounding areas that remain open to travelers.

Once the fall hits, we plan to start following the warm weather by heading south in the winter, first to Florida then across to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California through the early part of next year. Once things start to warm up, we will head north and explore the Western US. I am especially excited to eventually return to my home state of Wyoming and adopted home of South Dakota, while visiting family and friends along the way.

The goals of our trip are to explore as much as possible, hitting as many State and National Parks as we can, while also getting a feel for specific areas we would like to spend more time in or might consider settling down in when we decide to put roots down again. Right now, we hope to be on the road for about a year. We have faith that we are on this journey for a purpose beyond our understanding, and we are open to wherever the road takes us.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans.

Proverbs 16:3

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