Mama and Bird Head South, Florida

As soon as we knew we would be spending 3 months in Georgia, we started making plans for Bird and me to spend some time with my parents in south Florida. I had planned to continue to work during our visit, but once I realized I desperately needed some time off, this trip was the perfect reason to relax for a week.

Our visit was very laid back and relaxed and included lots of naps and lots of letting Bird run wild and crazy through a much larger space than she is used to. The week we visited was much warmer than what we had been experiencing in Georgia but was not typical south Florida weather, so while we did make it to the beach, we did not get to go to the pool or out on the boat with Gramps. And that was just fine.

As with any trip to south Florida, the time spent at the beach, with feet in the sand, was truly the highlight. We spent one amazing morning on South Beach on Marco Island, and while the water was a little too cold, Bird had so much fun playing (and being buried) in the sand and we found some incredible shells. We also had a seagull steal our sandwich right out of my hand, which is a story that Bird gets a kick out of every time.

On the afternoon that I opted not to take a nap with Bird, I returned to a different beach on Marco Island for a chilly and windy walk by myself. It is amazing how a couple of hours alone can rejuvenate the soul.

We ended our trip with a sunset visit to Naples pier, which is a place that will always be dear to my heart (Will proposed there). The sunsets at the pier are always incredible. I had no intentions of getting my feet wet, as I really did not want to deal with that sandy mess, but when Bird grabbed my hand and asked to get her feet wet, I embraced her joy, and I am so thankful I did. Standing and stomping with her as the waves rolled over our feet, looking down and seeing her smiling brighter than the sunset in front of us, that is a moment in time I will always remember.

Even though it may seem like the adventure we have been on for the past 1.5 years is a continual vacation, it is not. We have seen amazing places and traveled so much, yet we have still been working, maintaining our house on wheels, raising Bird, and caring for ourselves. This time in Florida was an actual vacation, and I returned to Georgia feeling refreshed and ready to jump back in.

Bird and I missed Will and Daisy something crazy during our time away, but in so many ways, that time away was what we all needed. I know I certainly needed that time with my girl.

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