The Day We Planted the Seed: Deciding to go Fulltime on a Walk in North Park

It was a year ago today that we took what turned out to be a fateful walk. It was the beginning of quarantine, and we decided to check out a new trail in North Park, about 10 minutes from our house, hoping it would not be as crowded as some of the more popular trails…as it seemed everyone was heading to the park for something to do. At this point, the writing was all but on the wall for Will’s job—positions that seemed like a done deal the week before were suddenly being pulled out from under him. We could see the layoff looming.

We spent the duration of the walk throwing out possible next steps. We talked about everything from the pros and cons of him staying in Oil & Gas to considering different locations we had visited and loved on a road trip a few months earlier. Although we love Pittsburgh, neither of us could shake the feeling that we were meant to spend the next chapter of our lives somewhere else. Every option we could think of had more cons than pros and nothing was sparking any sort of excitement.

When I left the corporate world and started working remotely in 2018, I would continually tease Will that his office job was the thing holding us back from going on an epic adventure across the United States. While we walked that day, this seemingly absurd idea kept popping into my head. And while it seemed crazy—we had an almost 1 year old, we had a dog, we had 2 car payments, we had a house, we needed health insurance—not a single “what about XYZ” was enough to make it seem unfeasible.

So, I just threw it out there: let’s sell everything, buy a camper, and travel. Will stopped in his tracks and thought for several minutes…and the seeds of our plan were planted.

Within 2 months, we had our house on the market and under contract, we sold 2 vehicles and bought a truck, and we bought a camper. We packed, donated, and sold the contents of our house like it was our business. Will and I spent hours working on the camper at its storage space. We did research, we bought all the RV essentials, and we planned, but never once did we doubt.

We will always celebrate April 11, 2020 as the day that changed everything. We threw away the picture of how society says we are supposed to live, and we embraced a life of tiny living, exploring, and focusing on our family. We made a commitment to nurturing our adventure and inspiring that same spirit in Little Bird. We committed to 1 year, and we are already expanding that timeframe. It will not be indefinite, this much we know, but it will be as long as it needs to be. Until we know where the road that started on a walk in North Park is meant to take us.

One thought on “The Day We Planted the Seed: Deciding to go Fulltime on a Walk in North Park

  1. This is amazing! I think it’s so cool that you guys did that. I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but living in Alaska makes it super hard to drive anywhere right now (and honestly our big Alaska move 7 years ago is our version of this decision!). Happy decision anniversary!

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