Buckets of Blueberries

Thankfully, they only weigh the blueberries and not your child after your blueberry picking experience, because Little Bird thoroughly enjoyed herself at Bowser’s Blueberry Farm. She has always loved eating blueberries, but I was not sure if she would understand that what we were picking was the same thing she eats at home. I should not have been concerned. The moment we got into the field, she plopped on the ground, started picking ripe blueberries, and shoved them in her mouth as fast as she could. It was a true test of her pincer grasp, and let me tell you, the girl has it down. Just as soon as she realized she could pick and eat them, however, she also realized that we were accumulating even more blueberries in the buckets, and it was far easier to follow the bucket and eat them by the handful.

One of our goals of staying close to “home” for this first month is to spend more time with both sets of grandparents before we hit the road, so we were delighted when Will’s parents were able to meet us for this activity. Of course, they were there patiently waiting for us outside the gate because somehow it takes so much longer to get anywhere with a toddler – who knew? We all donned our masks, made our way in, got a rundown on the farm, grabbed our sanitized buckets, and headed out to the field to start picking.

The blueberries were absolutely gorgeous and delicious. We spent a little over an hour in the fields, picking and enjoying the experience. We watched dark clouds roll in but persisted on and kept picking even as rain fell. If nothing else, the rain provided a nice reprieve from the increasing heat. Once the skies cleared, though, we wrapped things up quickly as the temperature and humidity became stifling. We ended up with 12 cups of blueberries (and that is just what Will and I brought home)!

A couple of days later, we took two-thirds of our haul to my in-law’s house and we made jam while Little Bird napped. I remember when I was young going to pick strawberries then helping my grandmother make jelly, and there is something so satisfying with having a hand in the process from start to finish. While we will not be able to take all the jars with us, it will be such a delightful treat to have fresh blueberry jam with us on our travels and to restock our shelves whenever we visit.

It feels like every time something is in season we say “oh, we should go blueberry/strawberry/apple picking” and we have never actually done it. I absolutely love that we are living a life where now we do not have the excuses of “not enough time” or “it’ll be too crowded on the weekend” or “we already have so much on the calendar, we simply cannot fit it in.” Granted, we do not necessarily have the space to process large amounts of produce and make our own jam or canned goods, but it is not just this type of experience we frequently pushed off until later. If we do not do the things we want to do now, we have no excuses, no one to blame. Whether it is blueberry picking on a Tuesday or hiking on a Monday or whatever it may be, we have the flexibility to jump at opportunities and live in the moment.

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